You can use this  donate button: to order a book  for $10.00, add $2.00 for shipping or a gift to Amazing Life Church.   YOU CAN NOW GIVE or BUY A PRODUCT : Click on the Paypal link below. We provide this link for all who would like to support this ministry or a member who prefers using their credit card. You do not have to be a Paypal member to give a gift   or buy a product with a major credit card; just click on Paypal donate link & follow the prompts: Click on the Paypal donate link below:

We would love for you to help with our charities we support: We have an annual school backpack & supply give-away every year. We sponsor a child through Compassion, we give to A21 Campaign/stop child trafficking and we give to the IOCC their disaster relief agency. We do not receive any government funding for these charities. This church pays all expenses. We welcome any donation to help in 2016

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