GBSSearching for a church? Amazing Life wants you to be our guest Sunday at 10:45 am.

OUR GREETERS: Bobby Bray or Scott Cahill will greet you at the door with a welcome and a weekly bulletin. They will assist you with coffee, water or a soda in our coffee nook. Please let them know if you need anything. (MEMO: We do not have Sunday School. We have Children’s Church during the sermon with very competent teachers or if you prefer family worship, your children are welcomed to remain in the sanctuary. Our worship service starts exactly at 10:45 am, most of people are not PRESENT until 10:45 am. We have prayer at 10:00.

WHAT TO EXPECT? AT 10:40 We dim the lights, our countdown video begins, an introductory worship song on the big screen and Crystal Cummings will greet us with a thought and an opeCrystal Cummings opens our service with a thought and prayerning  prayer.  She will ask us to greet one another. This is always optional. We then go into worship. The worship team sings 2 to 3 songs, the tithe and offerings are received and Pastor Marvin brings a relevant message from the throne of God. Prayer is available and he dismisses by 12:00 noon. We will not embarrass you in anyway. We welcome you to come and be our guest and become a part of Amazing Life… helping us to carry the vision God has ordained for this church. WHAT DO I WEAR? Wear your jeans, casual clothing… anything you feel comfortable in or if you prefer dress up, that is fine to. We do not have a dress code… wear what you are used to wearing… come and worship wiusth us and learn to live life with purpose.

THESE ARE OUR USHERS: An offering will be taken after worship. You are not obligated. Of course, if you choose to give, it will certainly be appreciated. We have tithe & offering envelopes in the back, if you would like a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year.

GUEST INFO: We have anb gift for you if you are a first time guest and Nancy Bray is our Guest Receptionist. After church, she will meet you at our welcome center to give you your gift and your guest card information.