kbjThis is the most awesome ministry at Amazing Life because they are our kids, God’s church of tomorrow. We have awesome teachers at ALC. Our Children’s Church Pastor is Bethany Russell and she is amazing with a heart for teaching children. She is married, a stay at home Mom with a fairly new born baby, Rylan and devoted to God and ALC. Her Co-teacher is: Erin Hayes. She has three children, awesome Mom and totally devoted to God. Our Children’s Church is in 2 groups: Ages 3-12 years of age and Nursery ages 0-3. Bethany, and Erin instructs and teaches them as if that classroom is their church. They listen attentively and the children benefits from listening to Bible stories, the use of crafts, games, activities, plays, songs and literature which allows them opportunities to share their talents, their skills and their hearts in each and every class. Their teaching skills go beyond curriculum; because of  Bethany’s singing ability in our worship team; she leads the children in special activities such as singing and plays for our congregation’s enjoyment. This ministry is growing and we are asking God for more and more children. We are so thankful for Bethany taking this children’s Ministry to the next level… going forth in her calling.  Bethany has awesome helps as well: Rylie, and Vanessa, who takes care of the Nursery and to them we say thank you for helping in this amazing ministry.