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Amazing Life was Founded in 2003 by Senior Pastors Marvin & Betty Norris. Amazing Life is a friendly and relevant church to this area.  Click on the word sermon to listen to last Sunday’s Sermon

Our mission is to ‘be the church’ …active in our city as we share the love, grace and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are revolutionary in making “everyone” feel welcomed in God’s house. It is our quest for you to experience “church” in a positive manner. We provide a safe place for the un-churched to experience church… and for believers from our main stream denominations who once attended church to return to church.  It is our mission to proclaim the “relevant'”message of the gospel… sharing the story of Jesus Christ: “Who HE is & what HE has done.”

We want to invite you to “come” and be a part of the vision God has given us. We are a non-judgmental people seeking to embrace our beautiful city of Savannah and surrounding cities with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. We believe the church is SO vital to “all” our lives because Jesus Christ established the church through HIS teachings as He  instructed the disciples to construct.

The Church is not about us, it is about Christ. It is a hospital for the broken and the hurting. We have a sincere heart for people and a devoted love for the church. We welcome you, regardless of who you are or where you have been. We are a diverse church with many different denominational backgrounds and we come together in unity because we believe this is the very heartbeat of God… to save, heal and restore HIS hurting people. It is all about Him.

We are passionate in what we preach by studying and researching the scriptures, praying in prayer for the relevant message of the hour. We preach the good news of the gospel with HIS  love, grace and truth forever established.

LOCATION/click for map Google has not updated 911 address

We are located at 65 Thomas Street in Savannah Tennessee off Highway 64 East. Our regular Service times are: Sunday Worship Service @ 10:45 am and Wednesday Bible Study @ 6:30 pm. Keep check on website and Facebook page for small groups and other activities.

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